I’m a CryptoArtist !

I practically gave up all desire to exhibit (the fault also with headaches: D) and to devote myself completely to NFTs (Non Fungible Token) and digital sales.

How, why.. ?

The first vision of art that I was given when I was a child was that of an elitist world. Unreachable for me, which was not a serious way to go. So I didn’t go to art school but an industrial design school.
This idea of art has remained engraved in me: a circle of wealthy people who buy paintings from overpriced artists who are often friends. When I started selling my drawings and watercolors to individuals, I decided to take another step towards this universe, but I never felt in my place, always out of place.
So why NFTs? Quite simply because for a beginner or art lover we don’t touch just a gallery director or a few people during an exhibition, but a whole universe. A universe that allows you to grow at your own pace, to meet artists from all over the world, which allows you to collaborate and dare to show your work without fear of being judged.
In fact this universe is so motivating and creator of talents that it begins to find its place in reality with specific galleries!


Since I joined I’m in a creative euphoria! After joining the Ethereum blockchain with the Foundation marketplace and OVRLand (for VR and 3D assets), I opted for the Tezos blockchain for reduced fees which allowed me to experiment (you’ll find the link below).

Foundation remains the perfect place for my large format watercolors because these are still rare pieces (one per year) : https://foundation.app/@rodicqart

On Tezos I have grouped all my history but also various large projects which are beginning to be divided between several collection & marketplaces :

Objkt.com ( https://objkt.com/profile/rodicqart/collections ) for all Cathedrals, big drawings / charcoal & collaboration!

Teia ( https://teia.art/rodicqart ) for all my watercolor history (Characters, Landscapes, Trees..) and experiment with Blender & now the big series ‘Geek Tree’

What’s left?

Why Solana & FormFunction

Because my next watercolor is multi blockchain and dedicated to cryptos! So I decided to decline it for several blockchain! At this time there are 3 versions with very specific version!
– on #Foundation will be the original colours , reworked and animated
– on #Formfunction will be a Solana color version
– on #Teia an original digital version ^^

Formfunction is the perfect compromise between 1 unique edition quality, accessibility & innovation so here’s my Formfunction profile!


Solana Logo on Crypto watercolour

Why English?

Je ne sais pas.. J’ai pris tellement l’habitude d’écrire en Anglais avec Twitter et les NFRs… Désolé! A mon avis c’est lisible facilement pour un Français 😉